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We've Only Just Begun

Well, thanks to a friend (who I can never repay, but is pictured two entries down), the wall is primed! There's an old saying that a friend helps you move, but a true friend helps you move the body. Today may have redefined friendship, and fortunately, I don't have any bodies to move. Next week, I will begin the process of gridding out the wall and transferring the design with the help of another dear lady. SignUpGenius is open, and I should be ready for y'all starting next Friday. It was a beautiful day today, but I wish I'd thought to bring water and sunscreen. Be smarter than I am; it's not that hard!

SignUpGenius link:

Total Volunteer Hours So Far: 5

I now know that a 5-gallon bucket of masonry waterproofer weight 56.5 pounds. It's been a very productive and educational day!

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