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Shop - Custom Orders & Originals

Call Me Maybe web sepia.jpg

To place a custom order: (we recommend ordering via laptop or desktop, rather than with a mobile device)

  1. Choose your project by clicking on one of the images below.

  2. Choose a size, number of subjects, and a payment plan from the drop-down lists.

  3. Upload quality photos of your pet, person or home. Please refer to my Photo Tips guide when gathering your source photos.

  4. Indicate any unique specifications you desire in the message box on my Contact page (remove a dog collar, trim the bushes, etc.)

  5. Allow me 2-3 weeks to complete the portrait. If there is a specific deadline by which you need the portrait, please inform me in the Message box on my Contact page.


To order an original painting or item from the print shop:

  1. Click on the desired image.

  2. Follow the instructions for checking out.

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