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I Get By with a Lot of Help from My Friends

Another incredibly beautiful day to be outdoors painting! Another humbling day to be helped by so many generous people. If I had more ants, I would name each one after a helper. Some folks have said that it's going so quickly, they're concerned it will be done before their slot comes up! I wouldn't worry. Although we've accomplished a great deal, we've got a long way to go. Happily moving from the awkward, adolescent stages into maturity. Next week, the pace will feel slower as we work with smaller brushes, and tidy up the lines. There is also a 3" black border that will go about the perimeter, so that the final effect is rather like a panel from a comic book . . . er, graphic novel.

Visit my event on SignUpGenius to grab a slot. If you have quality a edging/sash brush that you're willing to donate, I'd be grateful if you brought it along. The concrete will probably render it useless thereafter, but it will be a sacrifice for the greater good!

Total Volunteer Hours So Far: 55

Helpers today: Katrina Stone from Gwinnett Medical Center, Sandra Russ - representing Merriam Automotive, Ashley Lynch from the Duluth Public Arts Commission, Kelsey Bates of Peach State Integrated Technologies, David Gentry and Kimberly Reed - members of the Duluth Fine Arts League, Charlsie and Laurel Miller - both making Girl Scout Troop #16522 look good, Janice Scott and Jean Harrivel - both hailing from Perimeter Church, Erica Queen - GC, and Dawn Landgraf from 12Stone Church.

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