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What a Wonderful World (City)

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

I really had no idea how much we'd get done today. I set a goal, and we far exceeded it! So much so, that one sweet helper volunteered to run out for more paint! I thought I had planned well-ahead, but got caught short. Poured concrete sure tears up the brushes, but the paint is covering really well.

One of the questions in the application for my mural proposal was to explain how the design reflects the values and history of the community. I'm not sure if my design does or not, but our volunteers today surely did! One sweet lady ran home to bring more dropcloths. Another brought hot coffee to wrap my chilled hands around. Throughout the day, I heard folks introducing themselves and sharing their stories. I heard a LOT of laughing, and thoughtful responses to friendly questions. It felt like a great day to be from Duluth.

Below are some pictures of today's volunteers.

Total Volunteer Hours So Far: 30

Helping today: Kimberly Reed and Nancy Harris from the Duluth Fine Arts League, Brittany and Gillian McDonald from Artios Academics, Cindy Brown of Miss Cindy's Dance Studio, proud Duluthian Cheryl Benz, Glynis Reischer - proud mom of a Duluth HS Wildcat on the baseball team, Branson Hatcher of Branson Hatcher Illustration, Adele and Gabriel Crespo - representing Young Rembrants of NE Atlanta, and Kelsey Bates from Integrated Technologies

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