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From a Distance

Kind people, who have only seen Dream Big on a 2" screen, have occasionally opined that the mural looks "done". I will admit that from across the street (or on your phone) the colors look great! These closeups, however, tell the rest of the story.

My volunteers did a great job last week in getting the wall blocked in with 2" chip brushes. Without their help, I don't think I could have ever finished this! This week, I'm using smaller, better brushes to (hopefully) create sharp lines where shapes meet shapes. These closeups show you just how rough things really are. Got a huge amount finished today, but like most things I paint, it helps if I work my way from back-to-front. So, I concentrated on trimming up the line that divides yellow from tan, and painted the rear legs of each ant. Tomorrow, I'll start with the yellow, and hopefully finish an ant. We'll see how it goes.

Was tickled to have a visit from a lady bug, who seemed completely unconcerned with my mural's half-baked state. Also had lots of nice visits and comments from folks passing by on foot, or in their cars. Was EXTREMELY grateful that I could take a lunch break only a few feet away. Munching on a biscuit filled with sauteed spinach and feta cheese helped me find my second wind!

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