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And Now, the End is Near . . .

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Maybe! I keep telling people a mural is like a big funnel. At the beginning, progress happens FAST, and it's exciting to see the paint go up on the wall. As time goes on, the pace slows, and at the very end, it's usually just the artist, figuring out a few last details with as small a brush as is practical.

Today, my faithful team helped me place the 3" black frame around the perimeter of the wall. Painting is fun. Whittling carpenter pencils and connecting dots with a straight edge is probably less so. One helper brought a really cool step-ladder that I didn't know I needed, but saved the day. Several helpers brought brushes, and one showed up with home-made cookies! In the mix were contributions of chocolates from the local chocolate shop, coffee from my favorite Duluth donut shop, and scrumptious brunswick stew from an awesome barbeque place about 500 ft away. Is it any wonder I wanted to paint in downtown Duluth?

Sadly, there will be no more team painting. I'll be glad to chat with anyone who shows up and wants to visit for a spell, but from now on, it's just me and the ants, getting to know each other better.

I'll resume painting on Monday, but this weekend, I will clear the sidewalk for the folks who will be walking to and fro as they visit the Duluth Arts Festival. Hope to see you there:

Helpers today: Jim Forester from Lifetime Smiles, Kimberly Reed from 2 Smith Gallery, Margaret Shuman of Eastside Academic Studies, HollyAnne Knight of String and Story/Quilts for Cure, Emily Barnes and Jean Harrivel from Perimeter Church, Sophia Ritch and Dianne Chase - representing the Duluth High School Theatre Department, and Pam Hamilton - Pam Hamilton Music

Total Volunteer Hours So Far: 89!

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