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True Love - 8"x10" Original Oil Painting, Framed

True Love is hand-painted with oil paints on canvas stretched over a panel that is 8"x10", and 1/8" thick. Framed, it is approximately 14"x16". It is finished with a retouch varnish. This work was created for Duluth, Georgia's first Art For the Heart event.  I can remember my father using a plumb bob to verify if a construction project was "true". In retrospect, I have no idea why he would do this, as bubble level tools were invented long before I was.

The painting is set in a 3.25" wood frame with a painted and waxed finish.  A short length of twine has been added to the frame to extend the painting from 2D to 3D. It includes D-rings, wire, and is ready to hang.

True Love - 8"x10" Original Oil Painting, Framed

  • Local (near Duluth, Georgia) pickup only.

  • Sales tax applies to Georgia residents, and is calculated and added to all product prices at checkout.

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