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Time to Practice - Original Oil Painting, Framed

Time to practice is hand-painted with oil paints on canvas stretched over a panel that is 1/8" thick. It is finished with a gloss varnish, and set in a 3" black, wood frame.  The panel, unframed, is 11"x14".  Framed, it is approximately 11"x20". 


The subjects are pieces the artist is well-familiar with.  Many hours have been spent practicing to the beat of the old Seth-Thomas metronome, which sadly, no longer works.  Most musicians (including the artist) are more likely to whip out their favorite phone app, opting for a metronome that won't run down and require re-winding.  The trombone mouthpiece is either her own, or her husband's - a happy, mysterious merger of common ground.  

Time to Practice - Original Oil Painting, Framed

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